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AP Chemistry CheckPoint Quiz 1



Multiple Choice: Choose the correct answer for each question or statement. Note that only one option may be selected.

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1)  If matter is uniform throughout, cannot be separated into other substances by physical processes, but can be decomposed into other substances by chemical processes, it is called a (an) __________.

2)  A separation process that depends on differing abilities of substances to form gases is called __________.



3)  The SI unit for mass is __________.

troy ounce

4)  The freezing point of water at 1 atm pressure is __________.

0 C

5)  A temperature of 400 K is the same as __________ F.



6)  1 kilogram = __________ milligrams



7)  "Absolute zero" refers to __________.

0 Kelvin

0 Celsius
C + 9/5(F - 32)

8)  An object will sink in liquid if the density of the object is greater than that of the liquid.  The mass of a sphere is 9.83 g. If the volume of this sphere is less than __________cm3 then the sphere will sink in liquid mercury (density = 13.6g/cm3).

9)  Which one of the following is a pure substance?

10)  Which states of matter are significantly compressible?

gases only

solids only
liquids and gases

11)  Of the following, only __________ is a chemical reaction.

melting of lead

tarnishing of silver

dropping a penny into a glass of water

12)  Of the objects below, __________ is the most dense.

an object with a volume of 2.5 L and a mass of 12.5 kg
an object with a volume of 139 mL and a mass of 93 g
an object with a volume of 0.00212 m3 and a mass of 4.22 x 104 mg
an object with a volume of 3.91 x 10-24 nm3  and a mass of 7.93 x 10-1 ng

13)  Which of the following has the same number of significant figures as the number 1.00310?



14)  How many significant figures should be retained in the result of the following calculation?

            12.00000 × 0.9893 + 13.00335 × 0.0107


15)  Round the number 0.08535 to two significant figures.



Problems: Solve the following problems. Place your answer in the text box following the problem.
1)  The width, length, and height of a large, custom-made shipping crate are 1.22 m, 3.22 m, and 0.83 m, respectively. The volume of the box using the correct number of significant figures is __ m3. Box Volume =
2)  How many liters of wine can be held in a wine barrel whose capacity is 26.0 gal? (1 gal = 4 qt = 3.7854 L) Liters of Wine =
3)  The recommended adult dose of Elixophyllin, a drug used to treat asthma, is 6.0 mg/kg of body mass. Calculate the dose in milligrams for a 115-lb person. 1 lb = 453.59 g. Dose (mg) =
4)  How many liters of air are in a room that measures 10.0 ft × 11.0 ft and has an 8.00 ft ceiling? (1 in. = 2.54 cm (exactly); 1 L = 103 cm3) Liters of Air =
5) What is the volume (in cm3) of a 63.4 g piece of metal with a density of 12.86 g/cm3? Metal Volume =
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